November Monthly Picks

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Burnt orange leaves cling to barer branches as we bravely bound into November. The cooler weather has us yearning for long soaks into the evening and additional layers of both scarves and skincare. 

This month, the HH team is getting cozy in jazz clubs and curling up to wood fires. Bubble baths are becoming a before-bed ritual as we gently care for thirsty skin. 


NAT: Tata Harper Hydrating Floral Essence, Monastery Aloe Hyaluronic Moisture Boost and Monastery Flora Botanical Cream Serum for the best skincare routine for my daily makeup.

JENNA: Monastery Sage Cleansing Oil and Health Hut Hand & Body Lotion Basil, Peppermint, Blood Orange.

TARA: I've added LESSE's new moisturizer with Vitamin C and Tremella (coming soon!) to my routine as my skin is craving many layers as the weather cools down. Eucalyptus, Vetiver, Petitgrain Bubble Bath and Eucalyptus, Vetiver, Petitgrain Hand & Body Lotion.

JENNY: Natureofthings Superlative Body Balm, Health Hut Hand Soap & Body Wash in Eucalyptus, Vetiver, Petitgrain and Province Apothecary Essential Oil Incense in Cedarwood.

JERONNIE: Tata Harper Nourishing Oil CleanserHealth Hut Bubble Bath in Eucalyptus, Vetiver, Petitgrain with a Sea Sponge.

MARY: Health Hut Sea Sponge, Health Hut Hand & Body Wash, and Hand & Body Lotion, both in Eucalyptus, Vetiver, Pettigrain.

MELISSA: Davids Peppermint Toothpaste and Salt & Stone Black Rose and Vetiver Candle.


TARA: Re-introducing evening fires and enjoying tea or martini with whatever I'm reading.

JENNY: Getting cozy at the Rex Jazz Club for date night.

MARY: Canning pears and apple sauce.

JENNA: Teaching myself how to play the steel tongue drum.

MELISSA: Cat-sitting!

NAT: Spending time with my Scorpio bestie for her birthday.

JERONNIE: One-on-one dates with my family members, we love the Crooked Cue.


JERONNIE: Roasted kale breakfast burritos and cherry everything.

MELISSA: Lots of soup and my fave tea from DavidsTea.

TARA: Carrot and zuchinni muffins from Morning Parade, Ragu and fresh tagliatelle from Famiglia Baldassarre.

JENNY: Ceviche and Crispy Squid Tacos from El Rey Mezcal Bar.

JENNA: Blackened fish tacos with red cabbage slaw.

MARY: Homemade vegetarian soups and cooking from Ripe From Around HereI love this cookbook, as it helps you find recipes with what's seasonally available in Toronto!

NAT: Homemade blueberry muffins with lemon and orange zest from the cookbook Love Is a Pink Cake.


JENNY: Daybook: The Journal of an Artist by Anne Truitt.

MARY: My current textbook, History of Western Herbalism.

NAT: Survival Takes a Wild Imagination by Fariha Rosisin.

MELISSA: The latest issue of Editorial Magazine from Soop Soop.

JERONNIE: Mabuhay! by Zachery Sterling with my daughter.

TARA: Acts of Desperation by Megan Nolan as recommended by our neighbours at Flying Books.

JENNA: Our Scorching Summer by Kels and Denise Stone—out of season I know!


JENNA: Watching parties of The Golden Bachelor with my girlfriends.

TARA: Bad Sisters on Apple TV.

NAT: Old episodes of Moesha on Netflix.

MARY: Sarah Jane Scouten's newest album Turned to Gold on vinyl.

MELISSA: The newest season of The Bear on Disney+.

JERONNIE: Old home videos of long-time friends.

JENNY: Killers of the Flower Moon and NYAD.

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