Founder's Feature: Nitasha of The Cure

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We chatted with Nitasha of The Cure, a Canadian natural skin care company that believes in transparency. Nitasha makes all her own products and has a super loyal following, especially for her best selling Body Whip.

You had a lovely shop on Queen West before moving east and expanding your skin care line. What's one thing you miss, one thing you don't: 

I definitely miss interacting with all of my customers in person. It was a really lovely way to get to know people on a deeper level - the shop definitely provided that experience. Outside of the store I miss the variety of restaurants in Toronto, the foodie in me misses that a lot. 

I never thought I would say this but I don’t miss how busy Toronto is. When I moved east I was super scared that I wouldn’t fit in and be able to adapt to my new lifestyle but I have fully adapted and now can’t see myself living in a big city anymore. 

Your favourite skin care routine for fall:

My skin care routine doesn’t really change that much per season, the biggest change is the amount of product that I am using. I like to cleanse with an oil cleanser and follow with The Cure Face Serum + Neck Serum, at night I tend to use a little bit more serum than the daytime pairing that with a Gua Sha. I find that I do mask more often in the colder months, using a hydrating face mask like The Cure Face + Neck Mask. I am also currently testing a new product that my skin has been loving during this season change. 

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What's playing right now in the background while your working/making products/packing orders:

I am listening to the Accidental Creative podcast. If it’s not a podcast I am listening to our Spotify family mix. 

Current scent you're loving: 

Right now I am loving the feminine scent from the new body whip - Geranium, Rose and Cedarwood. It’s such a lovely scent for this time of year moving into fall. 

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On your nightstand: 

Haha, Believe it or not I lost my nightstand to one of our plants, I’m waiting for my husband to make us new ones. But I always keep a glass of water, a jar of whip and my favourite essential oil roller beside my bed.

Five ingredients that are always in your kitchen:

Cultured butter, salt, Indian chilli powder, starter (I look at sourdough starter as an ingredient, haha, we use our starter in so many other ways than just making sourdough bread), quinoa, coconut milk.

What's your favourite thing about September: 

The change in the air. 

Favourite time of day: 

Bedtime. I love getting into bed with my husband and just chatting. Steve says I’m the happiest when I go to bed. 

In your opinion, what's the best and worst part of the beauty industry?

The best part is receiving messages from clients saying that they have never feel better in their skin. 
The worst part is the notion that you have to be perfect - have perfect skin, eat the perfect food, always exercise. This is definitely not reality. 

When you're not making gorgeous natural products you are:

Family time. Being outside at the ocean with our rescue, Roti. And working on the renos in our house. 

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