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Summer might be basking us with its glow right now, but sometimes our skin doesn't love it as much as we do. With all the extreme weather, face masks and various elements barreling at our skin every day, some of you might be experiencing some congestion, but we're here to help!

Here are some of our fave products to help prevent and beat the (pore) block!  


The Cleansers

Noto The Wash

An amazing all-in-one product for all your dirty parts. This wash has a great combination of oils to work with all skin types, removing dirt, bacteria and keeping the skin's moisture intact. Just add a bit of water and you've got a combo of gentle soap and oil cleanser! The scent will leave you feeling totally refreshed.

Tata Harper Purifying Cleanser 

This lightweight gel-to-oil cleanser is a game changer for summer skin. It helps pull out impurities and pollutants and is tailored for clogged pores and those who produce a little more oil than they'd like to. Your skin will thank you. 

Ursa Major Fantastic Face Wash

This foaming gel cleanser packs a punch (a refreshing one) with a gentle dose of AHA's to gently exfoliate without stripping the skin. This is a great option for congestion as the AHA's will gently dissolve debris from your pores.


The Exfoliators 

Noto Botanics Resurface Scrub

A good scrub will do wonders this time of year and this one is a gem! With gentle walnut powder, blood orange and AHA's, this is sure to free even the most stubborn grime. Make sure to get your neck and décolleté area, and any other parts that could use a little extra love!

Province Apothecary Facial Dry Brush

Love a tool that does it all? So do we! This dry brush is incredible at stimulating blood flow, brightening, clearing congestion and gently exfoliating the skin (and so much more!) It's a fantastic addition to any routine.

Cocoon Apothecary Petal Purity Exfoliating Cleanser

Sometimes you want a fuss free do-it-all product, so why not try a cleanser that exfoliates as well! This one is great for all skin types (even sensitive) with it's jojoba beads and gentle Lavender and Geranium extracts. 


The Masks

Province Apothecary Detoxifying & Clarifying Clay Mask 

A good clay mask goes a long way in cleansing the skin, and this one is a must! With a blend of glacial and bentonite clay, Canadian algae and maple syrup, this mask is a veritable party for your face. 

Wildcraft Detox Face Mask

Cleanse and clarify with this mighty mask. This combination of clays, papaya and oils makes it an easy pick, and suitable for all skin types! For an extra boost of AHA action, blend it with yogurt- you'll thank us. 

The Cure Apothecary Face & Neck Mask

This is a clay mask with a lot going on behind the scenes. Loaded with calming oils, minerals and plant-based collagen, your skin will be hydrated, cleansed and glowing!

Tata Harper Radiance Mask

Have more reactive skin or simply love an alternative to clay? Look no further! This creamy, gel-like option will clear out impurities and build-up with a delicate blend of AHA's, and skin soothing ingredients that are hypoallergenic and simply lovely!


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